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Human Resources
Job Opportunities:

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Human Resources

In order to maintain the top position in our industry, it is necessary to measure the HR professional as qualified and motivated, to ensure market leadership in technology and innovation.

With a strong domestic and international, the Heliflex is aware that people are that mark its development and growth, so seek professional with a high potential and with desire for constant challenges.

Be Heliflex is a privilege, as it formed a group of people that creates and builds. We have proved in the past, a past with more than 42 years, and we will continue to show it in the future because we the public deserve.

Since the most technical areas of management with a technological content and a strong strategic dimension, the responsibilities of the various areas of Heliflex fall on:

General, Administrative and Financial Director: Emanuel Santana
Commercial Director (National Market): Manuel Silva
Commercial Director (International Market): Bruno Toito
Director of Production: José Sá
R&D Director: Rui Martins
Director of Marketing and HR (strategic area): Cláudia Ribau
Director of Quality: Eduardo Gonçalves
GAT: Rui Martins

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