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About Us
Integrated solutions Pipes and Hoses

Heliflex have an important role in the hose market for more than 44 years since it has a great experience on the transformation of polymers and because it has a big variety of products.

The rigor of the raw material's selection, the creativity, the innovation of the products and also the performance has allowed Heliflex to follow the market's evolution. Heliflex comes to light due to the way it develops its entrepreneurial activity by penetrating into the global market.

We are a company which has conquered a recognized place in the national and international markets.

Bearing in mind the qualification of our employees and the research department, we try to apply new technologies and the technical knowledge to our products in order to allow Heliflex to grow concerning quality and efficiency. Our performance and the quality of our products are recognized through the certification of the firm by the standard ISO 9001:2008 (APCER and AENOR) and a range of products by CERTIF.

However, we want to develop even more and only you can make it happen!

Concluding, we suggest you visit all our webpage and we will be glad if you write some comments about it!

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